Entry 4

Lord Winter ordered the Purple Dragons to secure the manor and question everyone. We were dispatched to the apothecary to fetch Maleth, the herbalist. I think the Cormyrians were hoping the Maleth could identify the toxin used on Lord Rowmantle. I’m surprised the humans have been able to build such a vast empire when the slightest little poison can kill them in moments.

We ran through the town and the local militia pointed us to the apothecary. Rather than knock and ask for help, Kalin chose to barge into the building screaming for help. I moved to the doorway and called out for Maleth. A man met Kalin in the room and, after identifying himself as Maleth, asked us to wait outside while he gathered his equipment. Kalin offered to assist him. There was a flurry of motion, and Kalin fell to the ground! I barged into the room and forced a healing potion down Kalin’s throat. As I moved to engage Maleth, I bumped into a table and fell.

I must have passed out, because I was awakened by a noxious odor, which left me feeling dizzy and wretched. I crawled out of the apothecary and waited for the feeling to pass. I made my way towards the back of the house, in time to see Raikenen slay Maleth. With the militia close at hand, we re-entered the apothecary and proceeded to search Maleth’s belongings. We encountered a young lass calling herself Quinn. She claimed to be possessed of druidic powers, and offered to aid us in our search. We came across a scroll case, which Cas opened. Of course, he was not cautious, and he ended up frozen in a wave of amber energy, which forced me to waste valuable time fetching Gendi from the Temple of Lathander. While Gendi reversed the effects of the amber light on Cas, Kalin grabbed the scroll out of the case. Apparently, the scroll had been treated in some kind of poison, and Kalin nearly died. Only Gendi’s proximity saved my elven friend, as my healing powers had been exhausted by the day’s previous adventures.

Alive and well, for now, we returned to Lord Winter’s manor. I sat in with Gendi, Lord Winter, and Gunthar and we discussed what anyone had hoped to gain by killing Lord Rowmantle. The scroll that had almost killed Kalin and Cas was a note from Nethir (him again!) instructing Maleth to strike at the heart of Eveningstar. Nobody seemed to know how killing Rowmantle would impact the heart of Eveningstar, but I gathered that Rowmantle was blood of the crown, and killing him would have a destabilizing effect on the Cormyrian nobles who were loyalists. Gendi indicated his surprise when I explained about Whisper’s tomb being empty. Gendi had told me that Whisper was a low-level agent of the Black Network, and had no idea why anyone would want to remove his corpse from the Winters’ tomb. Gunthar, stubborn old man, still did not seem to see the danger in leaving Eveningstar undefended, but he assured me that a full-scale assault was an impossibility. Feeling somewhat reassured, my friends and I turned in for the night.

Entry 4

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