Lord Reardon Cormaeril

Lesser Nobleman from the discredited House of Cormaeril


Location: Arabel

Background: Lord Reardon Cormaeril is now a lesser lord living in Arabel. House Cormaeril was a powerful Cormyrean noble house until it was fractured in 1341DR when it was revealed the family controlled the thieves’ guild known as the Fire Knives who were behind several high profile assassinations designed to elevate Cormaeril’s standing. A significant portion of the family linked to Lord Tagreth Cormaeril was exiled and fled to Westgate where they reestablished the Fire Knives. Lord Reardon a mere child at the time belonged to another branch of the house, unaware of their family’s dark dealings, who were stripped of a significant portion of their holdings. Lord Reardon received recent fame when he along with others lead a militia from Eveningstar to help retake Arabel in the recent Goblin Wars. Reardon also refers to himself as “the King’s uncle,” but he is actually the cousin of Azoun’s father, Rowen Cormaeril. He has been alleged to be a bastard son of Azoun IV but claims such as these are common and often unsubstantiated, given the late King’s reputation for infidelity. Because neither the Obarskyrs nor the Cormaerils have acknowledged Azoun IV as Reardon’s father, the claim is moot.

Status: Alive. Lord Reardon Cormaeril was recently in Eveningstar particpating in a meeting called between some of the royal families of Cormyr to include the Rowmantles, Bleths, Marliis, Cormaerils and Winters. The companions invited to one of the meetings discovered there was disagreement between Reganald Rowmantle and Raynaar Marliir over the lack of support for the Steel Regent and the recent affairs occurring throughout the land. Lord Reardon Cormaeril was more of an observer than an active participant.

Lord Reardon Cormaeril

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