Lord Raynaar Marliir

Nobleman and head of the Marliir family


Location: Arabel, Cormyr

Background: Lord Raynaar Marliir is head of the Marliir family having great influence in Northern Cormyr, particularly in Arabel. Lord Marliir has extensive holdings including farmland and businesses given him great power over the society and economy of Arabel and the surrounding area. The house was recognized for its valiant efforts leading the Marsemban infantry fighting with King Galaghard against the Witch-Lords in 900 DR given titles and land and most recently were critical in retaking Arabel in the Goblin Wars as well as helping fund a lot of its reconstruction. Rumor has it that the Marliir family are considered outsiders at the Royal Court preferring Arabel to Suzail and Marsember where most of the noble families congregate. Speculation among the populace is that the Marliir and the Huntcrown families hate each other though little is known other than speculation. The family has had mixed loyalties in the past fighting against Dhalmass Obarskyr in Marsember and also backed the regent Salember who attempted to maintain power as oppose to transfer to the rightful King plotting to kill Rhigaerd and take the throne which lead Cormyr into civil war. Most recently the family remained loyal to Azoun IV when Gondegal made his claim to empire in 1352 DR seizing Arabel and parts of Northern Cormyr.

Status: Alive. The companions met Lord Raaynard Maliir in Eveningstar when Lord Winter invited the party to her estate to discuss the recent attack on the families in the earlier afternoon. The companions met the leaders of the Rowmantle, Bleth, Marlii, Cormaeril and Winter families and overheard a disagreement between Reganald Rowmantle and Raynaar Marliir over the lack of support for the Steel Regent.

Lord Raynaar Marliir

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