Lord Gruen Bleth

Nobleman and head of the Bleth family


Location: Spends time in Suzail and Arabel

Background: Lord Gruen Bleth is the leading member of the Bleth family controlling the Seven Suns Trading Coaster in Cormyr which is considered one of the largest merchant companies in Cormyr. Lord Gruen Bleth lives at the Bleth Estate in Suzail though he spends a lot of his time at the Seven Suns yard managing the business operations in Suzail and Arabel. The Bleth family is considered one of the more powerful economic forces in Cormyr able to control the financial markets and merchants of Cormyr affecting both supply and demand through the Seven Suns trading company. Rumor has it that the Seven Suns are embroiled in a trading war with rival houses with locations in Arabel being hit most recently and like many other trading caravans have been subject to increased raids on routes once considered safe in Cormyr. The Bleth’s rarely participate in the Royal Court preferring to expand their operations and thereby influence over Cormyr. Rumor suggests the Bleth’s chief rivalry is the Rowmantle family with a low level feud existing between the families for some time.

Status: Alive. Lord Gruen Bleth was recently in Eveningstar particpating in a meeting called between some of the royal families of Cormyr to include the Rowmantles, Bleths, Marliis, Cormaerils and Winters. The companions invited to one of the meetings discovered there was disagreement between Reganald Rowmantle and Raynaar Marliir over the lack of support for the Steel Regent and the recent affairs occurring throughout the land.

Lord Gruen Bleth

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