The Rise of the Maleficarum

Shadows Fall Over a Darkened Realm

Forces of good, who were once bastions of hope, are fewer throughout the Heartlands these days. Hope renewed only a few decades ago is now shattered. Nations are reeling from successive defeats, paralyzed by infighting and besieged by vile threats bent on their complete subjugation. Cormyr, once a beacon of light, is a shell of its former self mourning the death of King Azoun IV, weakened by warring noble houses, and strategically weaker and more vulnerable than ever before. The Dalelands, a largely peaceful collection of eleven communities, stands on a precipice with the alliance holding the Dales together fractured by internal strife and external pressures. Sembia, a prosperous nation of merchants and trading companies, is divided wrecked by corruption, marked by avarice, and plagued by noble families and merchant cabals vying for economic and political dominance.

Threats of Old Are Renewed

Bane, the Black Lord, has returned to the realms rallying his faithful and reclaiming what was once his tainting the lands. The Zhentarim is consolidating their hold on the collection of independent city states in the Moonsea region and once again reaching southward threatening the peaceful Dalelands. Drow emerging from the Underdark have returned to the surface world claiming portions of Myth Drannor and the Cormanthor woods launching raids on across the Dalelands. Bands of Orcs and Goblins are more organized than ever gathering in the Stonelands and the Thunderpeaks bolstered by their recent successes in the Goblin Wars against Cormyr.

Empires Lost Are Found

The Shadovar backed by powerful magic and mastery over the Shadow Weave have returned to Anauroch determined to rebuild the Netherese Empire threatening the stability of all of Faerun. The Shadovar have been indiscriminate in their actions using potent magic to melt the High Ice which would have resulted in years of flooding, drought and starvation throughout the realms. The Shadovar’s actions have also reinvigorated the church of Shar furthering its power and reach throughout the Heartlands.

Evil Lurks in the Darkest Recesses

Known threats are not the only things that lurk in the dark. Rumors tell a tale of a group actively seeks to discover the arcane secrets of the lost empires and tap into the very fabric of the weave threatening the future of Faerun.

The Rise of the Maleficarum

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