Human Ranger


Viking-like appearance, short red beard, 5’10", 175 lbs, battle axe, long bow & dagger, studded leather & shield


Raikkonen is an explorer from the Moonshae Isles. He has served as a scout for his clan since reaching manhood. Much of his experience is of traveling alone on missions to periodically return with new insights of far away lands and the opportunities they may hold. Raikkonen is more adept to surviving the challenges of the wilderness versus the civilized world. Even life at sea is more comfortable for him than being in towns and cities. Too often he finds larger groups of people to be less trustworthy and he believes cities serve as an environment to foster and protect thieves, politicians, murderers, liars, and even sorcerers which are beyond his comprehension. He thrives on the excitement of exploration, the gratification of accomplishing missions, the satisfaction of protecting the innocent, and living in the wild either on land or at sea. If he dies, it should be fighting in battle against evil, and thus earning his right to the warrior’s afterlife where he can continue to fight the darkness alongside his deities.


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