Quinn Thorncircle

Half-elven druid


Quinn dresses in leathers and fur from various animals who willingly gave their lives to clothe her. On her hip rest a scimitar made from the leg bone of a large animal; in her hand she carries a staff of ironwood with druidic carvings throughout it’s length. Around her neck rest an talisman of holly, wolves teeth, and acorns. Her body is adorned with tattoos of various symbols of importance that pertain to her druidic circle and to her goddess Melikki. Often she can be seen whispering to natures inhabitants.


The offspring of her human mother and elven father, Quinn had always lived in two worlds. When her mother died of natural causes, she journeyed to her father’s ancestral home, Cormanthor, to reunite with him. Only a day into her journey Quinn was ambushed by worgs; surrounded and certain she would die that day, Quinn was rescued by elven rangers. In fact the rangers were sent by her father and had trailed Quinn once she entered the Cormanthor Woods.

The reunion with her father was cold at best; he had spent very little time with the young girl, but had made sure Quinn and her mother were well taken care of. He had knwon of the death of Quinn’s mother but didn’t expect her to come and find him. Nevertheless she stood before him with no other place to go, so she stayed.

Quinn felt like an outsider in her new home. The elves looked at her with distant curiosity, but due to her father’s stature within the village she was treated with a modicum of respect. Of course she was teased by the elven children but did her best to not let it affect her, or at the very least not show that it did. She spent a lot of time outside of the village exploring the forest surrounding the village; the plants and animals never questioned her heritage.

One day during her explorations Quinn stumbled across an ancient shrine that was dedicated to a female goddess. She traced with her fingers the worn stone symbols on a moss covered statue; the language seemed familiar as her lips mouthed wordlessly the ancient text. Suddenly a figure appeared before her; she had the body and face of a half-elf, on her head a grand set of antlers to rival the strongest stag, and her moss-green hair undulated on its own.

As the goddess Mielikki spoke to Quinn, her power flowed through her body, lifting her several feet off the forest floor. The goddess had felt Quinn seeking her for a very long time, and now it was time for her to take the mantle of duty as one of Mielikki’s warrior-priest.

The event had seemed like a dream, but when she awoke lying on the forest floor and still in front of the ancient statue, Quinn could feel that she was somehow… different. From that day on her life has been dedicated to protecting Cormanthor and all life found within, however, recent events have caused her to journey beyond her beloved forest. A vision given to her by Mielikki has directed her to towards an unknown location; Quinn has never doubted her goddess’s intention, and she certainly wouldn’t start now.

Quinn Thorncircle

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