Lord Rowmantle

Elder nobleman and stateman of the Rowmantle family


Location: Body moved to Suzail the capital of Cormyr for interment.

Background: Lord Reganald Rowmantle is the eldest nobleman of the Rowmantle family surviving his wife the late Tanaeth Rowmantle. Lord Rowmantle is in the direct bloodline of the late Azoun IV, uncle to the Steel Regent Alusair Nacacia and the nephew Azoun V. Lord Rowmantle is a staunch supporter of Cormyr and the crown supporting the Steel Regent and working to stem the growing undercurrents. He is father to Bhereu, commander of the Purple Dragons; Thomdor, a close adviser to the Steel Regent; Alaslyn, Lady Regent of Tilverton and Shaerl, who married Lord Mourngrym of Shadowdale.

Status: Dead. Lord Rowmantle was recently poisoned leaving behind a legacy having expanded the noble families holdings throughout northern Cormyr. He was in Eveningstar organizing meetings between some of the royal families of Cormyr to include the Rowmantles, Bleths, Marliis, Cormaerils and Winters. The companions invited to one of the meetings discovered there was disagreement between Reganald Rowmantle and Raynaar Marliir over the lack of support for the Steel Regent. Shortly after the companions watch with horror as Lord Rowmantle collapsed foaming from the mouth. Damien tried to stop the effects of the poison only to discover their was no hope later. The companions sought the expertise of the town Apothecary only to learn that he was an agent of the Zhentarium instructed to strike at the heart of Eveningstar.

Lord Rowmantle

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