Lady Tessaril Winter

Lord of Eveningstar


Lady Winter is six feet in height with burgundy red hair and a slim build. She has a fluid, agile, silent walk preferring to wear dark robes. She is said to be an able fighter and a practiced mage who in the time of need will done her Purple Dragon Armor and Shield proudly.


Lady Winter is the attentive and gentle ruler of Eveningstar beloved by her people. The Winter family has ruled over Eveningstar for several decades with Lady Winter following in her father’s footstep in the height of King Azoun IV reign. Like her father before her she is an Obarskyr loyalist and a stout supporter of the realm despite the actions of her cousin Thanis Winter who became a Zhentarium agent known as Whisper who was killed by the Knights of Myth Drannor. Lady Winter is said to have a soft spot for adventurers often providing aid for those that aid Eveningstar in time of need.

Lady Tessaril Winter

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