Kalin was born in the elven city of Cormanthyr. When he was a young man he learned the art of elven weaponsmithing. He became known for his artistic ability and his services were requested by elven nobles for more than three decades. During this time Kalin was able to trade exceptional quality blades to Alexander Cornellius the III and Avathar the Great for Swordsman and Wizardry training.

On a trip to the Moonsea region to sell some of his blades Kalin’s caravan was attacked by agents of the black network. Kalin was among the survivors and was sold into slavery. Kalin spent the next 10 years of his life as a slave to the Zhents. He performed manual labor, and had to survive horrible conditions. He constantly prayed to the elven gods for a way out of his situation. After 10 years he became more and more desperate. Finally he prayed to Bane for a way out. That night Kalin was assigned as an apprentice to a blacksmith.

For nearly 30 years Kalin made swords for the Zhents and loved it. He was moved to Zhentil keep and created awe inspiring weapons of death and destruction. One day, a priest of Cyric came in requesting a sword with two other armed guards. For some reason Kalin could see a red glow around the man and he felt like he needed to kill him. Kalin ignored this impulse and proceeded to continue working on the man’s sword. While Kalin was working the man lost his balance bumpnig kalin in the back. Hot coals flew up searing Kalin’s eyes. In what felt like eternity Kalin realized that he could not see. A sense of desperation overtook him. If he could not see how was he to continue his lifes mission. Making weapons was all he knew and without it he might as well be dead. In his blindness all Kalin could hear was laughing. The priest of Cyric and the guards were laughing at his misfortune. Rage overtook him, and in an instant he slaughtered both guards an the priest. Panicked Kalin didnt know what to do so he prayed to Bane once more for help.

Immediately his vision came back and he could see his blacksmith in shock over the bodies of the 3 men. The blacksmith Garron helped hide and dispose of the bodies. For weeks Kalin expected someone to come and take him away, but it never happened. He was able to keep working without any incidents. He realized though, that in the future ignoring the killing impulses could have serious consequences for his life.

For the next 20 years Kalin would occasionally get the impulse to kill people. Almost always in the prescense of priests of Cyric, but other people had been killed by his hand as well. In each of the cases it was as if there were someone watching out for him making sure he get caught. Finally, not more than two weeks ago Kalin got the urge to kill Garron. Obviously, Kalin resisted the urge to kill the man that had saved him 50 years ago. And then something bizzare happened. The forge rumbled with a great force and something flew out of it into a group of swords. One of the swords was knocked spinning up into the air. Kalin dove to tr to catch the sword but he was too late. He grabbed the handle of the sword as it imbedded into Garron’s head. At the same time two Zhent soldiers entered the smith. Kalin could swear he heard laughing in his head, but he had no time think about that.

He immiedetly cast a sleep spell. As both guards dropped down Kalin looked around the area for anything he could take. His time in Zhentil keep was over.

For the next two weeks Kalin marched west. He finally reached the city of fairhaven where entered a bar to inquire about employment.


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