Jelde Asturien

Cleric of Lathander the Moringlord


Jelde is middle age man of medium build bearing the mark of experience and wisdom commonly found in elder men.He possesses a sharp wit and a sarcastic tongue though it has been tempered with age.


Location: Eveningstar

Background: Jelde is a former Knight of Myth Drannor who retired from adventuring choosing to leave the life of wandering to better serve Lathander. He presently resides at his deity’s temple in Eveningstar and is a prominent, respected member of the clergy. Most of his time is devoted to matters of worship, administration, and sharing his wisdom and experience with upcoming members of Lathander’’s priesthood.He takes his current duties to the Temple of the Morninglord very seriously though on occasion it is said he reminisces about his youth with the occasional adventuring party wandering through Eveningstar.

Status: Alive. The companions know little about Jelde having met him at the Temple of Lathander in Eveningstar. He helped heal the injuries of the party and in course of conversation it was discovered he was a former member of the Knights of Myth Drannor who chose Eveningstar as his home after he settled down. Upon further questioning he relayed the story of the Knights activities in clearing out the Hall of Eveingstar and told them of their engagement with the Zhentarium and the defeat of Whisper a local agent operating in the depths of Eveningstar. He suggested that the party go explore the crypt when Whisper was buried after hearing of strange rumors that Whisper was back. Jelde seemed extremely concerned at learning the crypt was empty and relayed to the party that upon Whisper’s defeat the Knights of Myth Drannor gave two of the rings of Mhentzul — extremely powerful arcane rings — over to the temple.

Jelde Asturien

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