Lord Gunthar

Ranking officer in the Purple Dragons


Lord Gunthar is an aging man well into his mid fifties though he still carries himself with the stride and girth of a younger man and bearing the moustache and beard common among Knights of the Purple Dragon. Lord Gunthar has seen many battles possessing a keen wit to assess situations quickly though he has learned to measure his responses and action with a calm measure.


Lord Gunthar has been a Purple Dragon for nearly twenty years distinguishing himself with courage and honor several times in the service to Cormyr. As an officer holding the rank of Ornrion Lord Gunthar puts honor before anything else and expects others to do the same in the service of the crown. He was a loyalist to Azoun IV having served by his side on many campaigns to include the defeat of the Tuigan Horde in Thesk in 1360DR and the Goblin Wars in 1371DR. Lord Gunthar feeling he failed Azoun IV is a staunch supporter of the Steel Regent.

Lord Gunthar

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