Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr

Steel Regent of Cormyr


Location: Suzail, Capital of Cormyr

Background: Alusair Obarskyr was named the Steel Regent of Cormyr upon the death of her father Azoun IV to rule the kingdom for her infant nephew Azoun V until he comes of age. Once a rebellious tomboy, the hot-tempered, and impulsive Alusair won the hearts of commoners for her valiant battles against the Tuigan horde. Accomplished in strategy, hard living, and mastery of horses, Alusair spent her life fighting and riding the Stonelands with other young noble-born knights, who admiringly dubbed her the Steel Princess for her battle prowess and spirit. Alusair hates court life, gossip, and endless revels. Her anger at her role makes her precise, clear, and cold in diplomatic dealings, but the wise advice of Caladnei and Filfaeril, coupled with her own battlefield experience, means that she misses very few nuances in the games of the court.

Status: The Steel Regent has a challenge ahead of her working to secure Cormyr from threats foreign and domestic. The country is feeling the effects of the recent Goblin War resulting in a costly victory leaving their King dead, while bandits and remnants of orc and goblin armies inhabit the roads and forests attacking caravans with greater frequency with Purple Dragons forced to mind Cormyr’s borders more than ever before. The political infighting has lead numerous factions to begin vying for position leaving Cormyr strategically weaker and more vulnerable than ever before.

Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr

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