The Rise of the Maleficarum

Musings and such

Master: I hope this missive finds you well. Please be sure to give my little messenger an extra worm or two upon arrival and receipt of this message…My very first assignment given to me by my druidic circle was to gather information about the rumblings of a possible war between the Sembia and Cormyr; this war could spread and plunge the entire region into war. Little did I know that this assignment could cost me my life and the lives of those I chose as companions…

After traveling about a week I found myself in the town of Eveningstar. I had been there no less than a day when word get out that a local lord had been assassinated via poison. The news traveled fast which caused the town-folk to panic. Just as I had reached the bottom of my mug of acron-ale, I see several individuals running down the main street shouting for the apothecary. Thanks to my training I was well versed in poisons so I decided to follow them and see if I could lend a hand, besides, I was bored of listening to the human strum his guitar and wail about lost loves.

The group find not only the apothecary but also found themselves in battle as well. I saw what look like a human woodsmen hanging out at the building’s wall that led down an alley. Being the curios sort I stayed in the shadows and out of the way as much as I could. The woodsman ran around the back of the building and of course I followed. I could hear the sounds of battle within and saw the woodsman try to knock down the door; I tried as well but was unable to budge the door, however, I was successful in giving my self a sore shoulder.

Eventually the woodsman ran back to the front of the apothecary’s building while I decided to stay and break a window, which of course turned out to be a terrible mistake. Just as I broke the glass a cloud of sickly green gas billowed and engulfed me; the contents of my stomach found themselves on the ground numerous times after inhaled the gas. I found it hard to breath or see for several minutes. When the gas finally cleared my lungs I saw the woodsman pulling his axe out of the apothecary’s back. These humans never seem to spend the time ask questions.

Due to my bravery in battle (?) I was allowed to join their adventuring group called “The Lucky Few”, however my descriptions of the following day’s events my cause them to rethink their charter name…

We were tasked to escort a caravan full of food and farmers to a way-point about a day’s ride from town, there we would take leave of the caravan and hand it over to a contingent of purple dragon-knights, apparently some of Cormyr’s finest warriors. About halfway to our destination we were ambushed by goblinoids. Master, I must say that the spells you thought me borne themselves most useful, and in fact I fought back-to-back with a dwarven warrior fighting off goblins left and right! Unfortunately hubris got the best of me; when I should have fled the battle I chose to stay, and found myself being pilfered by a goblin as I lay on the ground bleeding. Needless to say I learned a valuable lesson today; never tease an injured goblin.

Thankfully the dwarf commands divine power and was able to bring me back to consciousnesses. As I write this to you now we are resting for a day or two, however, the human woodsman has the patience of a mad humming bird and instead wishes to track down our ambushers. Personally I don’t think this is a great idea, but he has them convinced, so I shall accompany my new found companions into the local woods to see where these goblins are coming from. I’ll send another missive to you as soon as possible.

Quinn finishes her letter, ties it around a small owl which then takes flight towards Cormanthor


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